Frequently Asked Questions

I FOUND ANOTHER companY creating art from photographs, HOW ARE YOU DIFFERENT?


There are a few companies that offer to create artwork based on your photograph, but this is just a copy of your photograph that has been turned into a computerized art version using software. No thought or creativity is offered outside of your original image.

This process of copying a photograph to turn it into a copied art version, should not be confused with the legitimate process of art reproduction.

Karlana Pedersen Visual Art & Photography is the only company operated by Karlana Pedersen and authorized to use the specific technique that she developed to use a photograph as a "model" instead of an exact copy. Thus, using this process to create custom and original, hand crafted artwork on whichever medium is chosen for that specific art piece, such as photography, digital graphic art or hand painted art with acrylic. Karlana Pedersen's artwork for her Signature Art Series are original designs. Photographic images that are used as "models" for her artwork are not photos turned into copied art versions. Her final out-put is an original product.

Karlana Pedersen Visual Art & Photography is the only company using this specific technique and process that has been developed and is in use by Karlana Pedersen, which is currently in consideration for a US Patent.

Can I have a photo that I already own, turned into artwork? 


Absolutely! You can even upload your photo to us via email or Dropbox. Once you have agreed to your art style, colors, price and timeline, the work can begin. Karlana can even apply her technique to any existing photograph. A customer can send us their favorite photograph from a cell phone, or social media account and as long as you own the rights to your photo, we can use that photograph to create beautiful, original artwork, made just for you! Contact us for more information and details involved, buy scheduling a quick 20 minute phone consultation. We will be happy to answer all of your questions!

CAN your artwork match the decor of my home or room?


Yes it can. Karlana Pedersen and her production and design group will personally work with you to coordinate your custom artwork with the color scheme and decor of your selected room. We will work independently or with your interior design professional to match colors, themes, and or textiles within your home, and provide you with the level of service, knowledge and experience our clients have come to expect from custom craft artisans like Karlana Pedersen Visual Art & Photography.

I'm not interested in buying fine art. CAN I HIRE YOU TO DO JUST PHOTOGRAPHY INSTEAD?


Sure! We have two visual art services available. One photography service and one artwork service. Both of our services work together or independently of each other. So, if you only want photography, then choose our photography sessions and have all of the traditional photography services and finishings available to you.

Do you work with other creatives or design professionals to create art and/or photography?


Yes, our company works with an array of artisan professionals. We work with interior designers, other photographers, and we collaborate with other artists and designers as well. All with one common goal, to satisfy our customers artistic requests, photographic and design needs for their families, homes and businesses.

Do you charge for consultations?


NO. All of our consultations are free of charge. Schedule a Complementary Consultation either in person, by phone, or by video conference, and feel free to discuss your ideas and requests. We are always happy to answer your questions and give you a quick quote on custom projects.

How long does it take to get a framed print or artwork canvas, from start to finish?


Depends mostly upon the schedule and needs of the client involved. The first step is booking your photo session (or submitting your personal image to us if you are doing our Art On-Demand service) Once you have completed your photo session, you will then need to pay your order deposit and book your order session date, scheduled approximately fifteen (15) business days after your photo session has been completed. Proofs will then be released to you, and you will have 5 business days to review your proofs and approve them for editing. Once proofs are returned and received, editing time is approximately 10 business days to complete. You will attend your order session and your prints, frames, products, etc will be processed within 48 hours of your order session. Orders usually take 5-10 business days to receive your finished product, including shipping time. So from Day one to finish, the estimated time is approximately 30 days to complete. This is a time estimate only, and is subject to volume and work load adjustments.

How do I get your pricing information?


Just send us an email at karlana@karlanapedersen.com requesting our latest Investment Guide. 

Are you a local company, or do you provide art & photography services to clients out of state?


We are on the internet so we have global exposure, but we service USA/North America. We can service anyone via the internet using our Art On-Demand service. Look for our online retail store coming soon with options to purchase our print reproductions globally.