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Karlana Pedersen - artist & photographer


Based in Minneapolis with collaborations nationwide, Karlana Pedersen is Minnesota's premier photographic visual artist. 

Karlana Pedersen Visual Art & Photography is a photographic company, specializing in the creation and fusion of both original, multi-medium artwork and traditional photography. 

Born and raised in Chicago, Karlana Pedersen began her career as a young professional model working for companies such as McDonalds, Kraft, Aveda, Sebastian, Ford, and many others. Karlana studied at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) for fine art, and participated in a joint internship program for the arts with Columbia College, where she studied sound engineering. Soon, Karlana began a career in music, and at the time, she was one of only three women in the US, working as a studio analog sound engineer. Her career in art, music and modeling, eventually led into the emerging fields of digital technology and graphic art, where she began to use her formal training in fine art, to create beautiful, fashion based, digital art illustrations for local designers.  Karlana began her interest in photography in 2000, and needless to say, when Karlana decided to turn professional in 2005, Karlana's photographic images always showcased her focus on fashion. Today, Karlana continues her photographic work in the commercial and fashion industry for individual models, actors and corporate projects in the Twin Cities market. 

Karlana Pedersen founded, Karlana Pedersen Visual Art & Photography here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and discovered the rich art based community that surrounds the Twin Cities area. Since then, she has developed her own art-based methodology to create her own brand of original, hand crafted, heirloom artwork from any photograph or image. This process of using photography along with her original, sometimes impressionistic, sometimes abstract designs, is used to create beautiful custom artwork for families, homes and businesses, available only through Karlana Pedersen Visual Art & Photography. Through technology, and a strong relationship with our network of partners, we have the ability to provide the highest quality of service to our clients anywhere in the country. 

Our company is based on strong customer service, an eye for detail and full collaboration with the artist. Therefore, you, as our client, are fully involved, and we are with you at every step of the art process, from consultation to delivery. 

We encourage you to review our website and decide for yourself which one of our creative services would best suit your needs. Whether you choose our traditional photography services, or our custom artwork services, we are sure you will be thrilled by the experience, and in love with the results.