The Professional Model

The Professional Model

Workshop & Education Series

Have you ever wondered what it would take to begin a career in the Commercial Modeling Industry? Are you interested in learning more about the commitment involved, but you just don't know where to start? Whether you're a parent with a young teen just starting out, or you may already be familiar with the industry, and just need some advice on how to move forward, then we invite you to join our mailing list today! 

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Our goal is to answer your questions, and show you how to evaluate which types of modeling may be appropriate for you. Set realistic expectations for yourself, and learn how to create a plan of action based on your specific goals, before you invest your time and money. 

Join us for our comprehensive workshop and educational series, guided by Art and Fashion Photographer, Karlana Pedersen. This new series is for men, women and teens, on how to get agents, book jobs, navigate challenges, and create your own BRAND, in a fiercely competitive industry. Earn a well paid living by doing what you love. Work with consistency, knowledge and a game-plan, and you too can be "The Professional Model".


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